Transport subsidy schemes

Information for drivers on lift incentive scheme

The scheme gives approved commercial passenger vehicle drivers $20 for each journey involving a passenger travelling in a wheelchair.

Drivers of commercial passenger vehicles without capacity to carry wheelchairs or mobility devices are not eligible to receive lift incentive payments.

To be eligible for payment, each driver must nominate a bank account for payment.

How to apply

Step 1: To apply you must complete a vendor form.

Vendor form (32.2 kb)
Vendor form (30.7 kb)

Step 2: Fill in the recipient created tax invoice agreement (521.1 kb)

Step 3: Email both forms to

For more information call the Transport Subsidy Office on (08) 8924 7229.

If your details change you must submit a new vendor creation/amendment form (30.7 kb).

Driver responsibilities

If the wheelchair accessible vehicle legally carries two or more wheelchairs or mobility device passengers at the same time, each wheelchair or mobility device passenger will provide a lift incentive to the driver.

The lift incentive payment must not be used as payment or part payment of a fare.

A taxi driver must not charge for waiting time when a life incentive is paid.

If a passenger does not have any lift incentive credits, a driver may charge for waiting time.

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Last updated: 19 July 2018