Transport subsidy schemes

Information for drivers on electronic smartcards

Drivers should check that the smartcard photo matches the passenger being carried in the vehicle.

Drivers can check the balance on the smartcard on the EFTPOS terminal prior to starting the journey. The smartcard needs to be either placed over the face of the terminal or inserted in the EFTPOS terminal and left in place until the transaction is completed.

If your EFTPOS terminal is faulty, the network system is down or there is a problem with the member's card you are required to use an emergency cabcharge docket when presented with a valid smartcard. Emergency dockets are available from your network.

Your EFTPOS terminal must be repaired as soon as possible. You must not use an emergency docket if the smartcard is cancelled, has expired or has insufficient funds.

At the end of the journey you must return the smartcard to the passenger, along with a receipt of the completed transaction.

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Last updated: 19 July 2018