Banning notices

A banning notice forbids you from entering or remaining on a bus, bus stop or bus interchange.

It is a formal written document that states what bus, bus stop or bus interchange you’re banned from and how long for.

A transit officer, authorised by the director of transport, may issue you a banning notice if they believe you have:

  • engaged in offensive, threatening, violent or disorderly conduct on a bus, at a bus stop, or at or in the vicinity of a bus station
  • damaged a bus, a transit safety vehicle, a bus stop or a bus interchange including any property.

For more information, read the banning notice policy PDF (179.7 KB).

Get your notice varied or revoked

To apply to get your banning notice varied or revoked, follow these steps:

Step 1. Read the guide on completing an application to vary or revoke a banning notice PDF (129.3 KB).

Step 2. Fill in an application to vary or revoke a banning notice PDF (174.2 KB), for the director of transport's consideration.

Step 3. Submit your application by mail, email or in person. See application for details.

Last updated: 16 September 2022

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