Operating or owning a commercial passenger vehicle

Multiple hire

Taxis may be hired by more than one passenger or hirer.

Multiple hiring is when two or more parties hire the same taxi and are travelling in the same direction.

When on multiple hire, the taxi driver can collect separate fares for a journey that may have more than one destination.

The taxi driver must select the taxi meter's multiple hire function and the fare will automatically be calculated based on 75% of the normal fare. It is an offence to collect multiple fares when the multiple hire function has not been used.

Multiple hiring is allowed when:

  • the first hirer and each subsequent hirer have agreed
  • all hirers begin their journey at the same point and are travelling in the same general direction
  • the total number of passengers in the taxi does not exceed the licensed passenger capacity of the taxi.

When each hirer reaches their destination, they must pay the fare shown on the taxi meter plus an agreed portion of an airport toll if that is part of the journey.

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Last updated: 22 August 2016

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