Fit and proper assessment and disqualifying offences

Fit and proper assessment

You will have to undergo a fit and proper assessment to drive or operate a commercial passenger vehicle in the Northern Territory (NT).

The fit and proper assessment may include any of the following:

Read more about the assessment in the Fit and proper assessments and disqualifying
offences for the commercial passenger vehicle industry information bulletin PDF (601.8 KB)

Disqualifying offences and appeals

A disqualifying offence is a sexual offence or serious offence in any jurisdiction.

All commercial passenger vehicle drivers or operators in the NT must notify the Registrar of Motor Vehicles if they have a disqualifying offence on their record.

If you have been convicted of a disqualifying offence:

  • you will not be considered fit and proper to obtain an H endorsement or operator accreditation 
  • and your current H endorsement and/or operator accreditation will be cancelled.

A disqualifying offence will not prevent you from driving or operating if you fit one of the following:

  • your conviction is a spent record
  • you were discharged without any penalty being imposed for the conviction
  • the chief executive officer of the department has decided it does not disqualify you
  • the local court has decided you may hold, or continue to hold, an H endorsement or accreditation, despite the conviction.

Apply for review of a disqualifying offence

You can apply for a review of a disqualifying offence on the grounds of exceptional circumstances.

Before you apply

You will need a written statement detailing the exceptional circumstances of your conviction for a disqualifying offence.

How to apply

Complete an application for review of a disqualifying offence on the grounds of exceptional circumstances PDF (48.7 KB) and lodge the form 

  • in person at a Motor Vehicle Registry office
  • via post to:
    Manager Commercial Passenger Vehicles
    CPV Disqualifying Offence Review
    Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics
    GPO Box 2520, Darwin NT 0801
  • by emailing it to

Last updated: 01 December 2017

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