CPV information bulletins and forms

No. Title Information bulletin Form Effective date
CPV01 Operator accreditation commercial passenger vehicle (565.1 KB) (229.1 KB) Jan 2018
CPV02 Application or renewal for a commercial vehicle licence   (616.0 KB) Oct 2021
CPV03 Fit and proper assessments and disqualifying offences for commercial passenger vehicle industry (601.8 KB)   Dec 2017
CPV04 Procedural guidelines for review of a disqualifying offence (151.0 KB) (106.6 KB) Dec 2017
CPV05 How to obtain a licence to drive a commercial passenger vehicle ('h' endorsement) (677.4 KB) (740.0 KB) Apr 2022
CPV06 Motor omnibus licence (184.8 KB)   Apr 2019
CPV07 Tourist vehicle licence (143.7 KB)   Apr 2019
CPV08 Taxi meter and roof signs (493.0 KB)   Dec 2019
CPV09 Taxi licence (184.2 KB)   Jan 2020
CPV10 Multi purpose taxi (MPT) licence (182.8 KB)   Jan 2020
CPV11 Minibus licence (147.2 KB)   Apr 2019
CPV12 Private hire car (PHC) licence (155.2 KB)   Apr 2019
CPV13 Limousine licence (158.3 KB)   Apr 2019
CPV14 Substitute taxi licence (363.8 KB)   Apr 2019
CPV15 Special function vehicle licence (144.6 KB)   Apr 2019
CPV16 Courtesy vehicle licence (582.6 KB)   Dec 2017
CPV17 Special passenger vehicle licence (139.8 KB)   Apr 2019
CPV18 Commercial passenger vehicle identity (CPVID) card requirements (883.8 KB) (244.8 KB) Feb 2018
CPV19 Revised seating capacity for Toyota commuter vehicles when used as a taxi (522.3 KB)   Dec 2017
CPV20 Appointment for taximeter testing officer   (183.9 KB) Apr 2019
CPV20 Taxi fares (708.4 KB)   Sep 2022
CPV21 NT transport subsidy scheme (NTTSS) and lift incentive scheme (LIS) (838.0 KB) (899.4 KB) Jan 2020
CPV22 Number plates for commercial passenger vehicles (810.9 KB) (195.1 KB) Dec 2017
CPV23 Ridesharing licence (155.7 KB)   Apr 2019
CPV24 Taxi multiple hire (573.8 KB)   Dec 2017
CPV25 Passenger service levy (145.0 KB)   Dec 2019
CPV27 Restrictions on alcohol advertising on commercial passenger vehicles (541.0 KB)   Dec 2017
CPV28 Security cameras in taxis and minibuses (653.5 KB)   Nov 2021
CPV28A Apply to become authorised taxi and minibus security camera inspector   (45.8 KB) Apr 2019
CPV28C Application for approval as a security camera system supplier   (185.9 KB) Apr 2019
CPV28F Security camera fault notification form   (179.4 KB) Apr 2019
CPV29 Substitute taxi and minibus record book   (758.7 KB) Oct 2021
CPV32 Codes of conduct (281.0 KB)   Jul 2019
CPV33 Communications and dispatch networks (639.9 KB) (593.3 KB) Sep 2021
CPV34 Assess a vehicle as a commercial passenger vehicle (579.6 KB) (25.2 KB) Dec 2017
CPV35 Complaints reporting (665.8 KB) (95.3 KB) Dec 2017
CPV36 Substitute a wheelchair accessible taxi or minibus (603.8 KB) (722.2 KB) Oct 2021
CPV38 Taxi licence operations (404.3 KB)   Dec 2017
CPV39 Application to place an existing commercial vehicle licence (CVL) on hold   (601.6 KB) Dec 2017
CPV43 Trial of body worn cameras (586.6 KB)   Apr 2022
CPV46 Remote Passenger Transport Operations (637.1 KB)   Jun 2021
CPV47 Substitute minibus licence (843.6 KB)   Oct 2021
CPV48 Multiple Purpose Taxi (MPT) Grant (599.5 KB)   Nov 2022

Last updated: 13 May 2020

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