Upgrade to a full licence

After you have completed your provisional licence period, you will be eligible for a full Northern Territory (NT) driver licence.

You will also need to pay the NT open licence fee unless you qualify for the free licence for safe P-plate drivers.

Free licence for safe P-plate drivers

You can get a free 10-year open C class licence when you upgrade your provisional licence to a full licence.

To get a free 10-year licence, you must:

  • have held an NT provisional licence for 12 months or more
  • have no traffic infringements or suspensions during your provisional licence period
  • apply in the last six weeks of your provisional licence, or no later than six months after it expires.

The 10-year licence can only be issued from a Motor Vehicle Registry (MVR) office.


To find out more, contact the MVR.

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Last updated: 01 February 2018