Medical fitness to drive

Health professional obligations: fitness to drive

Under the Northern Territory (NT) Motor Vehicles Act it is mandatory for NT health professionals to notify the Registrar of Motor Vehicles when they reasonably believe that a person they have examined is physically or mentally incapable of driving or is unfit to drive a vehicle. You should read the Motor Vehicle Act 1949.

Who qualifies as a medical professional

A person registered under Health Practitioner Regulation National Law is considered to be a health professional who can conduct a fitness to drive assessment.

Health professionals include but are not limited to:

  • doctors (medical practitioner)
  • specialists
  • optometrists
  • physiotherapists
  • occupational therapists.

How to report a driver

Medical professionals, NT Police and the general public must write to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles and inform them of the person's name, address and the nature of their condition including the licence number or date of birth of the customer so they can be identified correctly.

Health professionals can report a medically unfit person by completing one of the following:

To guide MVR the reporting health professional must indicate the specific medical condition that renders the person temporarily or permanently unfit to drive.

Notifications can be sent to MVR by:

For more information about the role of health professionals read Part A, section 3 of the Assessing Fitness to Drive guidelines on the Austroads website.

How to conduct a medical assessment

All fitness to drive medical assessments undertaken by health professionals must be conducted according to the National Assessing Fitness to Drive guidelines on Austroads.

The MVR has developed the medical assessment of fitness to drive (form L2) for use by health professionals when conducting:

  • periodical medical assessments for a known medical condition
  • assessment of fitness to drive following a period of medical impairment
  • general assessments of fitness to drive for occupational licences - commercial passenger vehicle drivers and driving instructors, otherwise known as H and D endorsement holders.

MVR Form L2 is divided into five sections for health professionals to complete:

  • section 1 - the health professional will record their name and the particulars of the person they are examining
  • section 2 - the health professional will indicate if they are conducting a general assessment of fitness to drive for an H or a D endorsement (full medical), or if they are conducting a periodical assessment of fitness to drive
  • section 3 - the health professional records whether the person they have examined has met the private or commercial standards as outlined in the Assessing Fitness to Drive guidelines and any suggested medical review period
  • section 4 - the health professional records any other relevant information relating to the person's medical condition, including any recommended licence restrictions that should apply
  • section 5 - the health practitioner records their particulars.

Alternatively, health professionals can record the findings of the medical assessment in a letter on the health professional's letterhead. This should include the driver's name, date of birth, licence number (if known) and the reason for the medical assessment.

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Last updated: 17 June 2020

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