Make your page easy to find

Your summary, title, headings and sub-headings must be searchable. This means they must include keywords that Northern Territory residents and businesses would use when looking for information through search engines such as Google, or the search box on NT.GOV.AU.

Titles, headings and sub-headings

Think about how the title will look when it appears in a search engine list.

Keep headings and sub-headings as short as possible. This means 65 characters or less including spaces – eg:

✔ Get your driver licence

A guide to getting your driver licence.

Always use sentence case except for proper nouns – eg:

 Get your driver licence

X Get Your Driver Licence

Use keywords and colons to shorten titles – eg:

✔ Planning appeal procedures: technical review

X Technical review of planning appeal procedures

Read more about writing headings and sub-headings in the A to Z guide.

Page description

The summary is usually what users read on search results before deciding to open a page.

It is important to make sure they can see whether this page has the information that they want.

Your summary should:

  • be 140 characters or less
  • include keywords if they are not already in the page title
  • be written in plain English and in an active voice
  • only include acronyms that are very common to users.

Last updated: 28 November 2017