Checklist for your page

Before you publish follow these steps. 

Step 1. Keywords check

Re-read the first sentence of your page.

Make sure it includes your keywords.

Users won’t find your page if you don’t use keywords in your page title, as well as in your first paragraph.

You should repeat keywords at least six times on your web page.

Keywords in your metadata

You must use keywords when writing the metadata for your page.

Your page description must be no longer than one sentence. This is about 140 characters or less.

The description will be the first sentence that users see when doing a Google search. It needs to quickly show the user that this page has the information they want.

Step 2. Proofread your page

Proofread your page by reading it aloud, or ask someone else to read it.

By reading it aloud, you will pick up anything that is difficult to read for someone coming to the page for the first time.

You must check:

  • the main message of the page is easy to understand and is at the top of the page
  • headings and sub-headings follow a logical order
  • there is no technical jargon or other complex words
  • spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Last updated: 28 November 2017