Naming pages and sub topics

Give your page the most logical and user-friendly name you can. 

Think about what words users would search for in Google.

If the user can complete a task on the page, include the main action in the page heading.

For example:

     ✔  Apply for a birth, death or marriage certificate

     ✔  Check your vehicle registration

If the page has information about how to complete a task, but they can't complete the action on the page, use the words 'how to'. 

Avoid using:

  • acronyms
  • government jargon
  • names of programs
  • business unit names.

For example:

     X  Fines Recovery Unit

     ✔  How to pay your fine

Read more about headings and subheadings.

Acronyms in page titles

Only use an acronym in a page title if you think the user will get lost without it. You must also use the full spelling. For example:

Find a Motor Vehicle Registry (MVR) office

Read about using acronyms.

Naming pages for your audience

The name of a page should reflect the audience it is for.

You should never name a page the same as another. You can use a colon to show different users. For example: 

Heritage properties: building works and development
Heritage properties: information for owners

The first example has information for building professionals about heritage properties.

The second has information for homeowners about heritage properties.

Last updated: 28 November 2017