Links stand out. This can help the user skim quickly for what they need.

With good link text, users can quickly decide what they need to do by skimming.

Good link text makes sense on its own. It uses keywords to clearly describe the page that will load.

With bad link text, such as 'click here' or 'more', users can't decide what to do. They are forced to reread the content or click through, where they may be confused or lost.

General rules for links

Make link text active and specific. It must make sense when read on its own.

Do not use too many links on a page.

Full stops must not form part of the link. Make sure spaces before and after are not included in a link.

You must not link words in the first sentence of a page.

Avoid linking in bullet point lists.

Links to NT.GOV.AU pages

Use any of the following words to send the user to other pages in NT.GOV.AU: 

  • find out about
  • read about
  • read more about
  • for more information on.

Don’t use ‘go to’ to send users to other NT.GOV.AU pages.

External website links

Use ‘go to’ when instructing a user to visit an external website.

     ✔ For more information go to the commerce and industry section of the Australian Government's Business website.

     X  Visit the federal commerce and industry page for more information.
Don’t use: 

  • click here
  • visit
  • to see. 

Links from NT.GOV.AU to NT Government department sites

Treat links to NT Government department sites as external links:
      You can find the latest wholesale alcohol supply statistics on the Department of Business website.

Links from departments sites to NT.GOV.AU

Treat links from department sites to pages at NT.GOV.AU as external links:

     ✔ For more information about Crown land sales go to the Northern Territory Government website

Spell out 'Northern Territory Government website'.

Linking documents and forms on NT.GOV.AU

Write the names of the document or guide in plain English. Don't use the word 'application'.

Make sure document names are in lower case unless they contain official nouns. 

     For more information get the building and renovating in the NT consumer guide (2.6 mb).

     ✔ Fill in the public events and functions form (70.0 kb).

     X  Complete the By-Law 13A Public Events and Function Permit application form (70.0 kb).

Only upload NT Government-owned documents to the system.

Use ‘get’ or ‘read’ to instruct the user to download a document or form.

If your document is part of an application or administrative process, you should present the information as a step-by-step guide.

Linking to documents or forms on external websites

Don’t link directly to a document on another website - link to a page where the user can access the document.

Try not to link to specific pages. Send users to the home page and tell them where to find the document or content.

Linking when PDF and Word document versions are available

Links when PDF and Word versions are available should follow an introductory sentence.

The linked plain English document names should start with an upper case letter. The following link text should be lower case except for proper names.

Attach the PDF document first. The line spacing between the documents should be closed up. Do not use a full stop after the documents.

*          ✔  Get the question-and-answer guide to resolving construction disputes in the NT.

Resolving construction disputes in the NT (291.1 kb)
Resolving construction disputes in the NT (57.2 kb)

Read more about documents.

Last updated: 28 November 2017