Email, phone and mail addresses

Contact details should be presented in the following format:
Heritage Branch Grant Project Office
Department of Lands, Planning and the Environment
GPO Box 1680
Darwin NT 0801
Phone: (08) 8999 5039


Email addresses must be all lower case. Don't include any other words as part of the link.

     ✔ Contact the Heritage Branch's grant project office by emailing

     ✔ For more information email the Heritage Branch at

     X You should contact the Grant Project Officer Heritage Branch:

     X Email:



Phone numbers on the web must include the (08) or other area code. 

When contact details are listed, ‘Phone:’ must be spelt out.

Ask the user to ‘call’ - not telephone, phone or ring.
      To find out more call the Heritage Branch on (08) 8999 5039
      Contact the Heritage Branch by calling (08) 8999 5039
     ✔ Phone: (08) 8999 5437 - when listed with other details
     X Telephone the Heritage branch: 8999 5039
     X Tel: 8999 5437
     X Ph: (08) 8999 5437


Write a mail address like the below example:

Department of Transport
PO Box 2520
Darwin NT 0801

Multiple contacts

If more than three sets of contacts are needed for a page, they should be arranged in a table.

Last updated: 28 November 2017