Capital letters

If in doubt, don't capitalise.

Don't capitalise:

  • government unless it's part of an official name - eg: Northern Territory Government, Local Government Association of the Northern Territory
  • public service
  • names of forms, application forms
  • minister, unless part of a specific job title - eg: Minister for Transport
  • department, unless using a full official name - eg: Department of Transport
  • white paper, green paper, discussion paper
  • budget papers
  • ministerial advisory council
  • air force, army or navy - unless the full title is used
  • species such as barramundi - except those with proper names, like Sturt’s desert rose, or Latin names for technical users.

Use capitals for:

  • Indigenous, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, Traditional Owner(s)
  • brand names
  • Northern Territory Budget - use budget in later references
  • Buildings - eg: Parliament House, Charles Darwin Centre
  • Cabinet
  • Chief Minister, Speaker, Administrator, Treasurer, Treasury, Attorney-General
  • Constitution
  • Country Liberal Party, Labor, Independent
  • Dry Season and Wet Season
  • Hon for a person’s title of Honourable (no full stop)
  • job titles, but only where they are followed by the name of the person
  • ministerial titles - eg: Minister for Health, but don't capitalise 'the minister'
  • names of groups and directorates - eg: Northern Land Council
  • Parliament
  • place names
  • service and police ranks
  • the full name of departments, government agencies, funding bodies and other organisations - eg: Australian Council of Social Service (follow the organisation’s official material), but not the abbreviated name - eg: the council
  • titles of legislation - eg: Care and Protection of Children Act, the Act
  • titles of publications - a publication is a printed government document including white papers, strategy documents and reports
  • Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia
  • World War 1 and World War 2.

Last updated: 28 November 2017