Concession amounts

This page lists the schedule of concessional amounts which came into force on 1 July 2017.

Updates are made at the beginning of each financial year with the release of the annual Consumer Price Index (CPI).


The rate displayed on your electricity bill is now GST exclusive.

For accounts that send energy back to the electricity network, the concession applies to net consumption.

GST exclusive

$1.158182 per day

$0.082728 per kilowatt hours (kWh) used

GST inclusive

$1.274 per day

$0.091 per kWh used

The GST inclusive daily rate was previously published at $1.275 per day, which was incorrect. Customers were charged the correct rate of $1.274 effective 1 July 2017.

Electricity tokens

$1,140 for 12 months. Tokens are mailed out in January and July.

Off-grid electricity

$1.275 per day


$0.960 per day

$0.955 per kilolitre used


$1.332 per day

Property rates

62.5% of the annual property rates charge up to a maximum of $200 per rating year per household.

Garbage concessions

LocationConcession amount
Alice Springs$52
Tennant Creek$45
Central Desert$75
Pine Creek$67
Timber Creek$85.68
West Arnhem$120

Motor vehicle registration

$154 for 12 months

$77 for six months

Driver licences



Available every two years by applying through your optometrist.

Concessions are also available to dependent children under 16 years that live with you. The concession includes either:

  • one pair of prescription reading glasses and one pair of distance glasses
  • or one pair bifocal, multifocal or progressive glasses.

The concession may cover some repairs plus other costs.

Interstate and overseas travel

Up to $500 every two years from the date of your last travel concession. For interstate travel the concession includes GST. For international travel the concession excludes GST and all other taxes.

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Last updated: 20 June 2018

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