Maps of councils and local authorities

Councils and local authorities are responsible for local government in the Northern Territory (NT).

The maps below show all councils and local authorities in NT.

Council boundaries

These maps show council boundaries within NT.

Regional council maps

Regional council maps show some or all of the following landmarks:

  • ward boundaries
  • major land features
  • national highways
  • arterial roads
  • land trusts
  • local government service delivery centres
  • towns
  • major and minor Indigenous communities
  • family outstations.


Central Desert

East Arnhem


Roper Gulf

Tiwi Islands

Victoria Daly

West Arnhem

Local authorities

These maps show the local authorities in each of NT’s regional councils.

Council compiled plans

These plans show some or all of the following for each NT council:

  • council boundaries
  • wards (where applicable)
  • geographic landmarks.

Alice Springs

Alice Springs compiled plan (1.6 mb)


Barkly compiled plan (1.9 mb)


Belyuen compiled plan (323.4 kb)

Central Desert

Central Desert compiled plan (1.7 mb)


Coomalie compiled plan (544.4 kb)


Darwin compiled plan (3.3 mb)

East Arnhem

East Arnhem compiled plan (678.6 kb)


Katherine compiled plan (920.9 kb)


Litchfield compiled plan (4.1 mb)


MacDonnell compiled plan (1.6 mb)


Palmerston compiled plan (2.4 mb)

Roper Gulf

Roper Gulf compiled plan (1.5 mb)

Tiwi Islands

Tiwi Islands compiled plan (440.2 kb)

Victoria Daly

Victoria Daly compiled plan (2.5 mb)


Wagait compiled plan (663.9 kb)

West Arnhem

West Arnhem compiled plan (1.1 mb)

West Daly

West Daly compiled plan (292.1 kb)

Last updated: 15 December 2015


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