Local government council elections

Council elections will take place on Saturday 26 August 2017. 

Early voting opens from Monday 14 August 2017.

Mobile voting opens from Monday 15 August 2017 in remote areas.

Become a council member

You can directly influence decisions that effect your community by becoming a council member.

Council members:

  • represent the interests of residents and ratepayers in their council area
  • provide leadership and guidance
  • attend council meetings
  • help communicate between local people and the council
  • ensure the council acts honestly, efficiently and appropriately.

How to nominate

To become a council member you must first nominate as a candidate.

You can become a candidate if you are aged 18 years or over, enrolled to vote in your council area and meet some conditions of nomination.

Nominations open on Friday 14 July 2017 and close at 12 noon on Thursday 3 August 2017.

More information

Find out more about local government elections, how to enrol to vote, how to vote, when to vote and how to nominate as a candidate at the Northern Territory Electoral Commission website.

Last updated: 20 June 2018