Funding to improve your homelands house

Residents living permanently on homelands can apply for $8,000 this financial year to upgrade their home.

This is called the Homelands Extra Allowance.

The service provider may use up to 10% of the funding amount for administration fees.


Applications are now closed.

For more information, email

To apply, you must fit all of the following:

  • your house and homeland must be already funded by the Housing Maintenance Services program
  • your house must be your main home
  • you can't already be renting a public housing home
  • children who live with you on the homeland must go to school
  • you must have a job or be:
    • a registered volunteer or carer
    • on a community board or committee
    • on an age, disability or carers pension
    • on the job scheme or training
  • your income can't be more than $85,000 in the last financial year
  • you must already be contributing to the upkeep of your house such as:
    • paying money to your service provider to fix your home or pay power bills
    • cleaning the house yourself
    • avoiding damage to the house
    • reporting water leaks and any faults to your service provider.

The government will check all of the things above to make sure you're eligible.

If you have urgent works or general repairs and maintenance that need to be done on your house, the service provider must use the Housing Maintenance Services funding for that first.

The service provider can use the $8,000 for things that improve the health and safety of your home.

This includes any of the following:

  • hot water system
  • basic stove
  • laundry upgrades
  • kitchen upgrades
  • new doors, windows and locks
  • security fencing around the house
  • insulation
  • lockable cupboard or pantry
  • concrete entrances
  • toilet and taps
  • electric wiring
  • roof repairs or extensions
  • new lights and fans
  • cupboards and shelves
  • veranda extensions
  • bathroom upgrades
  • new floor or walls
  • painting
  • disability access
  • battery back-up
  • solar power
  • water and sewerage
  • termite treatment
  • enclosed verandas
  • extensions
  • water use and energy efficiency.

The service provider can't use the money for goods such as:

  • fuel
  • generators
  • appliances
  • gardening supplies
  • sheds
  • pathways
  • curtains
  • white goods
  • entertainment or audio visual equipment.

Air conditioners will be approved on an individual basis. This will depend on the available capacity of power in your area.

You can't get material or tools with this funding for jobs that are usually done by a qualified tradesperson.

You must contact your service provider to find out if you can complete a job yourself.

To apply for the allowance, follow these steps:

Step 1. Talk to your service provider about the work you would like done on your house.

Step 2.Read the Homelands Extra Allowance program guidelines.

Homelands Extra Allowance program guidelines PDF (335.2 KB)
Homelands Extra Allowance program guidelines  DOCX (685.8 KB)

Step 3. Fill in the application. You should include a description of the work you will be doing on your home.

Homelands Extra Allowance application PDF (603.3 KB)
Homelands Extra Allowance application  DOCX (74.1 KB)

Step 3. Submit your application to your service provider or send it to the following address:

Department of Territory Families, Housing and Communities
Homelands Services Group
GPO Box 4621
Darwin NT 0801

Your application will be assessed by the government.

Your service providers will tell you if your application has been accepted.

If your application is accepted

If your application is accepted the work on your home can go ahead.

The $8,000 won't be paid to you directly. It will go to your service provider, who will do the work on your home.

Your service provider can give you updates on when works are expected to start or finish.

If your service provider can't do the work themselves or does not wish to take part, another provider might be contacted to do the job.

The government will then decide if the service provider is approved to do the job.

Service providers then have to report back to the government on the improvements to your home.

For more information, call your local service provider or call the Homelands Service Group on 1800 031 648 or email

Last updated: 22 September 2020

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