Proof of identity and residency

To be a member of the Northern Territory (NT) Concession Scheme you must prove your identity and residency.

You must supply supporting documents that add up to a minimum of 100 points.

Get the identification checklist PDF (479.8 KB) or read below for more information.

Proof of Australian citizenship or permanent residency

When you apply, you must provide at least one document that shows you are an Australian citizen or a permanent resident.

Accepted documents include:

  • birth certificate - if your name has changed, you must provide additional evidence to show the name change eg:
    • marriage certificate
    • change of name certificate
  • birth certificate extract
  • Australian passport (current or expired within the last two years)
  • Australian citizenship certificate
  • international passport
  • immigration card (ImmiCard)
  • other Australian Government documents to check visa conditions online (VEVO)
  • certificate of Aboriginality
  • approved Aboriginal corporations ID - with your name, date of birth and photo
  • identity verification form for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders PDF (160.2 KB).

NT residency requirements

You must live in the NT for 183 days of the financial year (more than half the year) to be eligible.

The days do not have to be in order.

When you apply for the scheme, you must make a statutory declaration confirming you:

  • are a current NT resident
  • have been living, or intend to live, in the NT for 183 days of the financial year.

If you are away for more than 183 days, you will no longer be eligible for the scheme.

If you are away for medical reasons

If you remain a resident of the NT and are away for medical reasons, you may still be eligible.

You can apply in writing for an exemption from the 183-day residency requirements.

You must include supporting medical evidence with your application.

Each application is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Proof of current home address

When you apply, you must provide at least one document that shows your current home address.

Accepted documents include:

  • NT driver licence
  • Centrelink card with a reference number or a letter from Centrelink with:
    • your name
    • customer reference number
    • address
  • reference letter from an Aboriginal corporation
  • a letter from a government office
  • NT motor vehicle registration certificate
  • council rates notice
  • utilites bill (less than six months old)
  • phone bill (Australian provider)
  • tax assessment notice
  • lease or rental agreement.

If you don’t have a fixed address

If you don’t have a fixed home address, you must provide a letter confirming you are a current NT resident from either:

  • a medical professional
  • a police officer
  • an NT Government employee
  • an Australian Government employee.

Last updated: 15 July 2021

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