How to apply

To apply for a small or major community grant follow these steps.

Step 1. Download an application form

If you want less than $10,000 in funding, use the small community grant form.

If you want between $10,000 and $200,000 in funding, use the major community grant form.

Step 2. Details to include in the form

Details of what to include in the form are listed below.

Applicant details

Enter the name and address of your organisation as well as the number of members in your organisation. 

Contact your head office if you have one to get incorporation details.

Provide your organisation’s Australian Business Number (ABN), GST status and certificate of incorporation.

Contact person

The contact person should be the person who knows most about the project. Provide a phone number so the committee can discuss the application during business hours if necessary.

Sponsor details

This section applies only to organisations that are not incorporated and need a sponsor. Read more about sponsors and community grants.


Indicate where your organisation conducts its main activities, as well as where you will use the grant funding. You can list more than one region.

Activities of the applicant organisation

Detail the objectives and purpose of your organisation in detail.

Summary of the grant and project plan

Write a brief summary of the key aspects of the grant in each of the boxes provided. 

Your project plan should include details like:

  • what you want to achieve
  • how you plan to achieve it
  • quotes to support your budget calculations.

It should also be thoroughly researched. This helps demonstrate your commitment to the project and shows your organisation's ability to complete it.

Performance indicators

This is your chance to identify performance measures that will make up part of your grant acquittal requirements. This will also help the committee understand what you are trying to achieve.

Target community group 

Tell the assessment committee which groups of people your project will target.

Proposed budget

Your proposed budget should cover:

  • total project cost
  • how much you are contributing yourself
  • how much you plan to raise elsewhere
  • how much funding you want to apply for.

A more detailed budget should be included in your project plan and should be supported by quotes.

Other funding

If your organisation receives federal, Territory or local government funding, state the program name and level of funding provided.

If you have applied, or intend to apply, to other grant programs or funding bodies for this project or activity, please give:

  • grant name 
  • level of funding sought
  • date when the outcome of the funding will be known.

Agreement and declaration

Your application should be signed by an appropriately authorised person of your organisation.


If your organisation does not have quotes you are unlikely to receive funding. Local quotes are preferred. If not competitive you may include both local and non-local quotes to demonstrate your attempt to source locally.

If your application does not include quotes you should explain why.

Supplementary documentation

You can include extra information to support your application, including:

  • information or research that supports your project
  • letters of support from community groups and community members 
  • a letter of support from your national or Territory head office if you have one.

You can submit original or certified copies of all documents.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Small and major community grants do not contain GST. 

Terms and conditions

Get an authorised officer to sign the terms and conditions in the grant application form.

Step 3. Submit your application

You must submit your grant application before close of business on the published closing date. Applications received after this date will not be considered in the funding round.

Incomplete applications will be returned to you. If your revised application is not returned before the closing date, it will not be considered in that round.

You can submit your application in any of the following ways:



Community Benefit Fund Secretariat
GPO Box 1154
Darwin NT 0801 


(08) 8923 7616

In person

Level 3, NAB House
71 Smith Street 
Darwin NT 0800

After you apply

You will receive a letter telling you that your application has been received within four weeks. If you haven't received a letter after four weeks, contact the Community Benefit Fund secretariat.

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Last updated: 20 June 2018